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"The training was perfect for me. when i first signed up for it i was a little nervous that i would need more help but i also didn’t fully understand what all came with the training. after you take the training you get a month of free booth rent where you can take free models and have syd there to help. I love that this was apart of it. I definitely had more questions once i was tattooing. it helped so much that syd was there to answer my questions and watch me tattoo. where i grew the most was after doing a tattoo and having syd look at it. she would tell me what I did good and what i could work on. i’m so glad that i did the training versus teaching myself or a shop apprenticeship. i have now been tattooing for 7 months and i’m loving it."

– Lauryn B.

“I’ve always been interested in fine line tattooing. With all the tattoo trainings starting to pop up I was stressed and nervous about to expect. Syd makes you feel right at home makes you feel excited. Every single question I had she answered and continues to be there when I run into a problem. Syd really has helped me in every step of the way of my new career."

– Christina

“I'm so grateful to have found these resources. Being a self taught artist has been very hard, but her guidance and support has been so helpful.”

– Lindsey B.

“I'll be honest. I expected a lot less when I started this training due to the complexity of tattooing itself. I was pleasantly surprised at the tools and techniques I was shown to keep in my back pocket to help me along the way. The continued support paired, the amount of knowledge and even the shared failures  Sydney personally experienced has helped my business more than any YouTube video."

– Ashlynn L.